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Sample Knitters Wanted

I'm currently looking for 2 sample knitters!

In a perfect world I would dye all the yarn and knit with all the yarn - but the reality is - I can't do it all. So, I'm looking for your help. If you are selected to be a sample knitter for Hello Stella Fibres you will be sent a pattern and the yarn to complete it and then it will be shipped back to be used as sample knits at upcoming shows. You will be compensated for your time with a shop credit that matches the equivalent of the pattern you are selected to do. (If the patterns has 4 skeins, you will receive a credit for 4 skeins on me! And shipping of course!)

Deadline: I need the samples in the mail by February 28! 

Please include:

Pattern you are interested in sample knitting: Nordiska Sweater or Marettimo Top

Your Name & Instagram Handle (must not be a private account):

How many years have you been knitting/what level would you classify yourself?

Are you more comfortable working with fingering weight yarn?

Are you able to have the piece completed for the deadline?

If selected to be a sample knitter, I’d love to see progress photos of your work to possibly share on my own account!