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Payment of your order must be paid in full before we ship your item(s). 

I accept PayPal, credit cards and Apple pay as payment for all items. 

Upon placing your order you will receive a email notification confirming it has gone through. I do not send paper invoices/receipts as you will receive an electronic copy and I strive to reduce waste. I will also always have a copy of your order/receipt if you need it emailed again.


All items are shipped standard Priority Mail with Canada post (within Canada) and Small Packet US Air and Small Packet International Air.  I promise to get things out as quick as I can and I ship packages weekly - it's always exciting waiting for packages to arrive in the mail. Please keep in mind that I am one person behind this business and while I try my absolute hardest to get things out on time, sometimes things can be delayed due to life, but very rarely!

There are options to have your package TRACKED - this is not included in the cheapest shipping option - that is why it's so cheap. If you do not select the option to have it tracked, you will NOT receive a tracking number. If you are international and you choose SURFACE it will be sent via SHIPPING CARGO on a boat across the ocean - that is why the estimated time frame is 2-3 months. (This option is available because sometimes people can wait.)

I ship to the address on your order. Please make sure this is correct during checkout. 

After receipt by Canada Post, I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. 

I ship internationally. However, I am not responsible for any customs fees you may have to pay if you are outside Canada, to release your item from customs. We have zero control over customs fees. This price can range due to the region you live in. Shipping fees are non-refundable should the package be refused for any reason.


If you have a problem with your order, please, please contact me. I put my heart into every skein and every package I send.  Your happiness is important to me! With that said, we will only accept returns on items that are still in the original mailing package. This is so I can ensure that the product is the same condition as it was when it left my hands. If you have opened your package it is not returnable.

There are no refunds on shipping as this is an expense that neither of us can get back if you decide you do not want your yarn.

If you are returning your yarn, shipping is at your expense.